'Pareci' has evolved from blending together my intense passion to heal and replenish the skin; with my Brazilian ancestors traditions. 

My great grandmother was from a tribe in the Amazon called the 'Pareci'. She used plants and flowers for their healing properties, along with their spiritual capabilities. Certain plants and flowers were seen as being sacred and had their own powers.

Backed by science, after years working with skin conditions, we saw a gap in the skincare market for something that was clean, but effective.

Extensive research led me to appreciate that these traditions were in fact evidence based. Each plant or flower has its own unique qualities, and consequently the Pareci products have been designed to perfection.

The Pareci range is made only from the highest quality ingredients, with all products being grown, produced and packaged in Australia. All ingredients are from Australian soils; such as the caviar lime, the tea tree, the vanilla bean and the willow herb. Pareci products are 100% vegan.

Our hero ingredients include SH oligopeptide (EGF) skin identical epidermal growth factor, hyaluronic acid, chroNOline, Snap 8, magnesium copper and zinc. See all of our ingredients here.

We are incredibly proud to share with you the Pareci range, and look forward to seeing your skin shine with a new life of radiance and vibrancy. 

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